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Lanxi Liou Plastic Products Factory

  • Introduction: Customized production of various disposable cooking thermometers according to the needs of different markets. We are one of the major POP-UP TIMERS manufacturers and exporters around the world.
  • Major Products: Disposable cooking thermometers, chicken pop-up timers, popup timers for kitchen, turkey pop up timers, beef popup timers, pork pop up timers, popup timers for fish, lamb, geese, duck, poultry, meat, and various food.
  • Applications: Poultry production industry, meat production industry, supermarket daily necessities supply chain, outdoor production industry, promotional gift industry, etc.
  • Location: Lanxi, China.
  • Factory Area: 3200 Square Meters
  • Founded: in 2012
  • Test Report and Certificate: SGS, FDA and BRC
  • OEM & ODM Customization: Accepted

Lanxi Liou Plastic Products Factory

Our advantages

custom logo branded

You can have a popup timer with your exclusive logo brand on the top.

Experience brings ultimate

Our disposable popup timers are accurate and you can trust them.

flexible customization

Both product color and preset activation temperature can be customized.

our story

Our Story & Secret Of Success

We listen to our customers and take action.

june 2012
  • we opened for Business

We started with small order volumes from the very beginning, 

april 2014
  • our first commercial Order

We received a big order and started to focus more on overseas business. 

july 2019
  • passed the BRC certification

This year, we successfully passed the BRC certification. 

Dec 2022
  • Reached a new height

We have gained increasing recognition from major foreign clients and started customizing POP-UP TIMERS with exclusive brand logos for them. 

countries exporting

Professional Manufacturer and Exporter

We manufacture Disposable Pop-up Timers, reliable and customizable.

Specializes in the manufacture of disposable POP-UP TIMERS. We are one of the major POP-UP TIMER manufacturers and exporters in the world.

Genuine Maker!

We have our own research and manufacturing center to ensure that each batch of products can meet customer requirements.